Will the SAT/ACT Industry Continue to Thrive?

We all know that COVID-19 has changed so many aspects of our lives. However, one unexpected change has surfaced due to the global pandemic are the severe changes to college admissions requirements. One of those major changes is the lessened importance of standardized test scores as a factor in college admission. Over 51 colleges and universities have dropped the admission requirement of an SAT and ACT score for the the upcoming academic year.

People are now speaking up and advocating to make this a permanent standard. Though this movement will definitely require a lot of transitioning, this could be highly beneficial in the long run. For many years, experts have said that standardized testing is an outdated method of measuring intelligence. Additionally, not many students are able to access ACT/SAT tutoring due to varied income levels. Removing the admission requirement could very well make it easier for lower income students to gain admission into the college of their choice.

Overall, these changes might seem intense and jarring at first, however with our changing world, our communities will be able to adapt and succeed in no time.

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