Cyber School: Benefits and Drawbacks of the Future of Education

Within the past few months, the Coronavirus pandemic has entirely changed the way we go about all aspects of our lives. Whether it be a weekly trip to the grocery store, a doctor's visit, or even ordering takeout on a Saturday night, we have had to alter how we do things and limit how and when we come in contact with others. Unfortunately, due to limitations and safety/health concerns, students have now been confined to getting their education from home, rather than in person. This new wave of cyber school has proved challenging for students, teachers, and tutors. However, there are many benefits to this new way of learning. Despite new issues students may face with online education, there are a multitude of ways cyber school will prove beneficial both in the short-term and long-term.

The biggest issue that students are currently facing is the lack of interaction with their peers. Not being able to meet with their classmates and teachers can be detrimental to their mental health, especially if your child is extroverted. In addition, working on classwork from home can prove to be difficult for students who get distracted easily. However, developing a relaxing work environment within the home for your child can alleviate the distractions that they would normally face. Another drawback students might encounter when working from home is lack of effectiveness in their exams and assignments. Though the material on their tests and quizzes is essentially the same, the virtual manner in which they are completing these assignments might not be adequate enough to provide long-term retention of the material. Despite the issues that arise from strictly virtual schooling, there are also many benefits that help students rather than hurting them.

The main benefit of cyber education is the fact that students have the freedom and flexibility to complete assignments at their own pace. This is extremely beneficial because some students work slower while others work faster, and working from home allows these students to work at their own speed and comfort level. Additionally, attending class on Zoom can prove to be more accessible than attending in person because students are able to participate in cyber school from the comfort of their own homes. Sick days and being late for class are an issue of the past now that students can simply log on to their computers to attend class. The main benefit of cyber education is the improved accessibility to classes and online materials. Students are able to access the web from multiple devices, including phones, tablets, and laptops. Due to the fact that most students have at least one of these technological devices on them at all times, they can access class materials from virtually anywhere.

Though the nature of how students learn has greatly changed due to COVID-19, schools have been able to adapt to these shifts to provide your child with all the materials they need to succeed during these hard times. Though online school might prove itself to be challenging in certain scenarios, it is certainly paving the way for a brighter and more accessible future for many years to come.

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