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01 / How does FAST Mentoring work? 

Aprio team members can select one of two options: an Academic Coaching or a Subject-Based package.

02 / What is Academic Coaching?

The Academic Coaching package focuses on organization, prioritization, daily schedules, student accountability, and results measurements. Typically, there are (3) 20 minute sessions per week, but session length and frequency are adjusted to suit the needs of students and families. 

03 / What is Subject-Based Tutoring?

The Subject-Based Tutoring package is available for any grade level or course offering. Sessions are typically scheduled once a week for one hour. Students commonly need a combination of Academic Coaching and Subject-Based Tutoring to optimize their efficiency and effectiveness in improving test scores, so individual schedules can be created and modified as needed to best serve each child.

04 / How long do tutoring sessions last?

The length of sessions can be easily adjusted to the needs of the individual student/family.  Sessions can be as short as 20 minutes or as long as 3 hours.  It all depends on the attention span and needs of the particular student/family.

05 / Who are FAST’s tutors?

Our tutors come from many different educational and social backgrounds, which puts FAST at the forefront of educational diversity. Our ideal tutor candidates are currently in college or recent graduates who demonstrate subject competency and more importantly are rewarded by mentoring their students.

06 / If I have a question or concern how do I get in touch with FAST?

You can email us at aprio@fastmentoring.com with a question or concern.  We will reply back to your email.  You may also contact us by phone at 404.547.6861 or schedule a Zoom call to discuss the issue and we will respond promptly. As students complete their sessions, we commonly review and restructure our tutoring approach and focus to address family and student questions and concerns.

07 / How do I request a consult or session?

Go to our website www.fastmentoring.com; then find and click the Aprio button and follow the prompts.  You will be asked to choose a day and time preference for your free consultation and to fill out a short contact form and questionnaire, which we will use when we contact you. When you sign up for a free consultation, we will discuss your child's needs, learning style, and academic level. We use this information to match you with the best tutor to meet those needs. 

08 / Can I work with the same tutor again?

Of course! If both you and your student like your tutor, we will continue to schedule your child with the same tutor.  You can also request another tutor if the student-tutor match was not what you hoped for or needed.

09 / Can I get feedback from our tutor on how my student performed in sessions?

Yes! We use a software app called TeachWorks which allows the tutor to record a short note detailing their perspective regarding your child's tutoring session. These notes will be automatically emailed to you after the session.

10 / What areas of study can I get help with?

We offer tutoring in a multitude of subjects, including, but not limited to, Standardized Test Prep, AP Courses, and Standard Courses for Elementary, Middle School, High School, and College. If you have a specific course need, email us at aprio@fastmentoring.com with the course description and we can evaluate which of our tutors are qualified.  There are times when the course may require us to search for and recruit a specific tutor to meet your needs.

11 / How do I cancel or reschedule a scheduled session?

You can cancel or reschedule a session at no charge if you notify us by email at aprio@fastmentoring.com  by midnight the day prior to a session. We want you to be able to plan your session schedule as far in advance as you like, but if circumstances change you can email us and request a change in the day, the time, or even the subject the session will cover.

12 / Can I invite a friend or classmate to a session?

Yes, you can invite a friend, but both students would be charged a fee for the session.  Email FAST at aprio@fastmentoring.com to get more details.  Standard group rates will apply.

13 / How do I order more sessions when my Aprio package of 6 hours is used?

Email us at aprio@fastmentoring.com and request another package of hours.  You may purchase additional 6 hour packages.  Aprio will pay 50% and the team member will pay 50%.  We will continue to offer the Aprio discounted rates for the duration of the school year.  

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